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Gas Detector
> Qty. of sensor: 6
> Type of detect gas: 47
> Sensibility: 0.01~50ppm
> Flight Plantform: X820, X1100, X1550


Key Features
Gas Detector Qty. of Sensor 6 Type of detect gas 47 Sensibility 0.01~50ppm Net Weight 0.7kg Working Env. Temp. -20 ~ 60°C Protecton Level IP55 Type of detect gas EX, CO, O2, H2, CH4, C3H8, CO2, SiH4, O3, H2S, SO2, NH3, CL2, ET0, HCL, PH3, HBr, HCN, AsH3, HF, Br2 NO, NO2, CLO2, CS2, F2, B2H6, GeH4, N2, THT, C2H2, CH2O, LPG, HC, C6H6, H2O2, VOC, SF6, C7H8, C4H6, COS, N2H4, SeH2, C8H8, C4H8, CH2 Aircraft Flight Plantform X820, X1100, X1550


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