• Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264
  • Max 320Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
  • Up to 12MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
  • HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
  • All PoE ports support ePoE & EoC

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Dahua new NVR5000-4KS2 network video recorder delivers excellent performance and high recording quality that is ideally suitable for IP video surveillance applications. This professional NVR adopts powerful processor, providing the capability of 4K resolution processing for applications where image details are highly required. Additionally, the NVR can be served as edge storage, central storage or backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote management and control.

Due to its easy-to-install design, the NVR is ideal for a wide range of applications such as public safety, water conservancy, transportation, city centers, education, and financial institutions.

The NVR is compatible with numerous third-party devices, which make it the perfect solution for surveillance systems that work independently of video management system (VMS). It features an open architecture that supports for multi-user access and is compatible with ONVIF 2.4 protocol, enabling interoperability with 4K cameras.

Smart H.265+
Smart H.265+ is the optimized implementation of the H.265 codec that uses a scene-adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure and intelligent noise reduction to deliver high-quality video without straining the network. Smart H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 70% when compared to standard H.265 video compression.

ePoE & EoC
The NVR supports ePoE and EoC technology for use in a broad range ofapplication scenarios. ePoE technology simplifies the network structure of long-range surveillance projects, eliminating the requirement for extra
network repeater devices, making the system more reliable and easy todeploy. EoC technology makes it possible to upgrade existing systems tohigh definition IP surveillance while using existing coax cables.

Smart Fan
The NVR is equipped with a smart fan to achieve high cooling efficiency. It automatically adjusts fan speed according to CPU and ambient temperature. The fan is long-lasting and low noise, reducing maintenance costs and improving the user experience.

The DMSS app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. It makes surveillance easy and simple, allowing you to remotely access NVR devices, view live video, receive event push notifications, and search for recorded videos from an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone at anytime from virtually anywhere!

Fisheye Dewarping
Fisheye dewarping solves the problem of distortion in the circular panoramic view. The NVR offers various dewarping modes for different installations and configurations that enhance the video, in both live or playback modes. Each dewarping mode offers options to adjust each nscene.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition available for convenient entrance/ exit management. Support license plate recognition(working with Dahua ITC camera), black/white list import/export, add/delete B/W list number,
search result from recorded video.

Point of Sale (POS)
Ideal for grocery and retail stores, the optional POS solution allows the NVR to receive a POS transaction via corresponding video. This feature allows merchants to analyze specific transactions via the Fuzzy search

Key Features

* IP Video Inputs – 16

* Onboard PoE – 16. Ports 1-8 are ePoE and EoC

* PoE Output – Max 25.5W for single port, 150W max in total

* Max Input / Record – 320Mbps

* Max Decoding – 2ch@ 4K, 16ch@ 1080P max

* Video Compression – H.265+ / H.265, H.264 * Display Outputs – 1x HDMI, 1x VGA output. Simultaneous video output

* Storage – 2x drive bays, max capacity 10Tb each bay (not included)

* Ethernet Port – 1. Independent 1000Mbps port

* IVS Support I – Tripwire, intrusion, object abandoned / missing.

* IVS Support II – People counting, heat map

* Key Features – 12Mp/ 4K resolution, 1ch Fisheye de-warp, 3ch ANPR. ANR backup, POS

* APP Support – Apple, Android. Easy4IP, gDMSS Storage Options:

Storage Options:
* 1Tb
* 2Tb
* 4Tb
* 6Tb


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