Dahua Expandable 6 Camera Package


Whats included?
  • 3 x Dahua 6MP EPOE Turret Cameras
  • 3 x Dahua 8MP 4K EPOE Turret Cameras
  • 1 x 16CH Dahua NVR Recorder
  • 1 x 10TB Hard drive – installed
  • 1 x 300mtrs of cat6 cable




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Dahua Expandable 6 Camera Package

With our starter packages we give you industry leading commercial components, that are selected on their ability to move with you and not against. Designed for the DIYer, we have put together a kit that can be installed with a basic level of knowledge, giving you an end to end solution that can deliver high quality imagery and reliability. 

  • The Turret or ‘Eyeball’ camera is becoming a preferred camera of choice in New Zealand. This camera offers the same high quality imagery of the dome, but without the pitfalls caused by the glass housing. 
  • PoE allows you to supply power to a networking device using the same cable that transmits the data, which in turn, greatly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. PoE allows for a maximum distance of 100mtrs between the camera and NVR, again reducing the cost of installation. EPoE allows for camera distance greater than 100mtrs
  • What you’ll need? Male RJ45 connectors and a crimping tool

As always, we recommend researching CCTV installations prior to purchase, as your basic level of knowledge will be called upon when provisioning cameras to the NVR (we do recommend consulting with your local electrician). But just in case, feel free to use one of  Number Eight Security listed installers.


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