Ajax Transmitter


Wireless module for third party detector integration
Ajax Transmitter allows you to connect a third party hardwired detector to the Hub. It helps protect property indoors and outdoors.
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Ajax Transmitter

Maximum Performance

  • Works up to 1,600 metres from Ajax Hub in open space or across several floors of a business centre
  • Operates indoors and outdoors
  • Can work with wired and autonomous detectors with a wired output

Simple Installation

  • Connects to Ajax Hub with a single click
  • The quality of the connection can be tested remotely

Effortless Installation

  • Two-way communication with Ajax Hub allows for periodic testing and customisation
  • Battery indicator shows battery level in the mobile app

“Bulletproof” Protection

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Disassembly immediately activates an alarm
  • Tampering alarm

Tech specs

  • Device type: wireless
  • Maximum number of connected devices: 1
  • Tamper protection: accelerometer
  • Performance monitoring: yes
  • History of alarms and service events: yes
  • Alarm input: 1
  • Tamper input: 1
  • Power supply type: +/− connectors
  • Power supply output: 3V
  • Radio signal power: 25 mW
  • Operating temperature range: from −25°С to +50°С
  • Operating humidity: up to 75%
  • Dimensions: 100x39x22 mm
  • Weight: 74 g




All Ajax products have a four year manufactures warranty (excluding batteries)


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