Ajax Relay


Relay connects wirelessly to the Ajax Hub to facilitate remote control of garage doors, electric gates and electric locks.
The built-in relay contacts are not galvanically connected to the device itself, so they can be connected to input control circuits for different equipment imitating a push button, switch etc.
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Ajax Relay

Jeweller radio technology:

  • Communication range with central unit-up to 1,000m in an open space.
  • Two-way communication between devices
  • Operating frequencies – 868.0-868.6 MHz
  • Self- adjusting RF output power – up to 25 mW
  • Block encryption based on AES algorithm
  • Device scanning period – 12 to 300 sec
  • Protected from power surges and overheating
  • Security Grade 2
  • The device switches off automatically during overcurrent, voltage surge and overheating
  • Information on voltage level is available in the mobile app

Tech Specs

  • Classification: radio channel relay unit
  • Device type: wireless
  • Installation method: at the electric motor
  • Compatibility: operates only with Ajax Hub and Hub Plus
  • Actuating element: electromagnetic relay
  • Relay service life: 200,000 switching actions
  • Voltage protection: max: 36.5 V, min: 6.5 V
  • Alarm signal delivey time: 0.15 sec
  • Power supply: 7 to 36 V (DC only)
  • Operating temperature range: 0ยฐะก to +64ยบC
  • Anti-sabotage: protection against fraud jamming devices
  • Dimensions 38x25x18 mm
  • Weight 32 g




All Ajax products have a four year manufactures warranty (excluding batteries)


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