The objective was to create one of New Zealand’s best security companies and so Number Eight Security was born.

We saw a gap in the market with how security products were sold, particularly in the commercial and industrial sector – where there was a lack of transparency, a lack of innovation and drawn out quoting and lead times. Consumers are now more savvy than ever and whether you are purchasing a product for your home or for your business, chances are you will already have done your homework. We wanted to offer businesses a no fuss approach, competitive pricing and a support model suited to requirements.

Number Eight Security is your local source of commercial CCTV security for any building or project. We are focused on accelerating the purchase of CCTV and security solutions with great products, cutting edge technology, ease of purchase and competitive pricing.

We partner with two premier product providers, through one New Zealand wholesale company – Dahua and Provision are leading providers of CCTV worldwide. Both brands are solid products for commercial and industrial spaces, including offices, retail and warehouses.

The products we provide uterlise multiple layers of software protection keeping the camera, recorder and hard drives protected during an online intrusion. Installations are carried out by our team of highly skilled technicians and the design project managed through to completion. Our customer support is simple “you’re our customer, we will support you”

We are a small team from little old New Zealand, but our technology is the best in the world, and we are a force to be reckoned with.



Lane Whittaker

Lane has over 20 years experience in Sales, with the past 11 years in the IT and Security sectors in the Asia Pacific region. He likes to keep abreast of new technology and is keen to keep developing this passion by bringing new products to the NZ market.  Outside of work, Lane is a football fanatic, and you’ll often find him up in the early hours of the morning keeping up with all the international football games. When he’s not playing or watching football, he is trying to keep up with his  very energetic son and daughter. Becoming a father of two further cemented Lanes interest in security – and his friends often laugh that his house has more CCTV than a police station!

Mike Cook

Mike is a career salesperson with 20 + years experience specialising in Enterprise Account Management, Business Development and Sales Management across New Zealand, the Pacific and China. Mike is passionate about sales and has a customer first approach.  Security tech has always been of interest and he keeps a keen eye on new advances in this arena. When Mike doesn’t have his head in spreadsheets and product specifications he’s found somewhere quiet out in nature – hunting or down at the river fishing. He likes to lead a simple life in the South Island with his young family.